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Company Profile

Head Honchos is the brainchild of Ian Beales, who started the company in 2007. He wisely recruited the talented Jurie van Leeuwen to create not only an inspired and diverse team of honchos, but also an extremely capable company.

Our honchos have a highly successful track record in the PR and production industry, accumulatively accounting for more than 60 man/woman years of experience. It is therefore no surprise that since its inception the company has enjoyed much success and has experienced exponential growth in its short lifetime.

In terms of marketing and public relations the company boasts a large list of big clients who all have specialised needs. This has enabled the company to grow in its experience and capacity, without over-specialising.

Why choose Head Honchos?

We believe that strategic communications implies tailor-made solutions: customisation is therefore the key to success.

Head Honchos is a company with communications in mind. Knowing that people, products and trends change has enabled us to make sure our approach to any project is interesting. By retaining the old cornerstones of the avant garde approach to communications and adding creativity and a fresh take we ensure that our solutions are always effective.

Every problem has a unique solution and our team of honchos work very hard to ensure that every strategic communication solution is tailor made. By honing in on target audiences and current trends we are able to offer a new approach to communications.

By diversifying our approach and being ever conscious of the fact that the key to our business is effective communication we are able to satisfy the demands of any client by successfully appealing to their target market.

How do we add value?

We all know that PR is a vital link in the marketing communications chain. But chances are that limited resources mean you aren't doing as much as you'd like. This is where Head Honchos can help you.

Head Honchos Strategic Communications' services are totally flexible and designed to meet your specific needs. This flexible approach, giving you access to PR expertise as and when required, provides the ultimate in cost-effective PR.

Head Honchos PR adds value because it is aimed at companies in need of brilliant PR but don't want to retain a PR agency full-time. In short, we are your PR partner and you can choose to use us for as much or as little as your needs demand. There is thus no need for the financial burden of employing your own PR staff or taking on a full-service PR agency on a fixed contract.

We provide the services of experienced PR specialists and writers and can provide your company with excellent press relations, making us a valuable resource for once-off events such as press launches, product introductions and exhibitions. Liaising with media publications, we can develop good relations for your company, organising and producing press releases, case studies and technical articles.

Our clients enjoy the services of experienced PR specialists who will take care of their unique communications requirements.

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